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Heels with Soul



If you are not satisfied with our product(s) (other than dance accessories or CLEARANCE items) regardless of the reason, you can return for exchange or refund simply by sending back what you purchased within 7 days (from the date you received our product).

We will process the replacement or refund upon having received your returned good(s) subject to the following conditions: -

  • No sign that the shoes have been worn.
  • No scratches/marks/stains on the surface or bottom of the shoes.
  • Customers shall be responsible for all postage charges for purchases and returns.
  • Replacement will be free of charge.
  • We will credit back to you in full upon having received your returned item(s).
  • It takes about 7~10 business days for us to process the new replacement or refund upon having received your returned merchandise. If you choose a different item(s), we will credit back to you the balance subject to the price of goods
  • We will not be held liable for the lost or the re-shipping cost due to the incorrect address given by customer.

Return address:

Parcel Locker 1001952171

Shop 33, 1 Rider Boulevarde

Rhodes NSW 2138

How long will it take to receive my order?

Generally about 4 weeks


Dance Diva shoes are similar to your regular size of street shoes purchased in Australia. Please refer to sizing charts for more accuracy

Narrow or wide footed?

Certain styles have adjustable toe straps to allow for narrow or wide feet

Consider purchasing clear shoe straps (see Dance Accessories) which holds the shoe firmly in place on the foot

Why is the sole suede?

  • For smooth turns and adequate grip.
  • The suede soles are very soft and can be easily damaged from walking on rough surfaces, treading in water or other liquids. We therefore do not recommend wearing them outdoors.
  • Shoe brushes are used to maintain the sole and remove residue.
  • Leather and resin soles are available at an addition cost.
  • Dance sneakers come with a rubber sole.

I’m a beginner, what heel size do I choose?

If you wear flats most of the time, then smaller heels are better. If you’re used to wearing stilettos, then you should be comfortable with a higher heel.

We recommend a 2.5 inch heel for beginners.

What are heel protectors for?

To protect the heel from wearing out prematurely, prevent slipping, and to protect from heel gouging damage that can occur on the surface of the dance floor.

What are elastic straps for?

Holding your shoes in place and preventing them from sliding around or off the foot.

How do I buckle my shoe?

See image below